"Leatherkraft" Best Quality Pocket Leathers

Why Choose LeatherKraft Pocket Leathers ?

Our pocket leathers are made by George Butterworth.  George has a wide knowledge of the materials and techniques used in leathergoods production.  He prides himself in the fact that his business is craft based.  He began making leather handbags and instrument straps in 1972 and then developed the business making articles for morris men and musicians.  The production of articles for the snooker industry was a natural progression as it uses the same leather.

Leather, sourced from a family run tannery in the south of England, is vegetable tanned and complies with REACH regulations.  The tannery methods have been developed over centuries to produce leather renowned for its consistency, quality and durability.

George hand selects the best leather from each hide for each individual pocket.  He looks for the combination of optimum strength, suppleness and colour to produce pockets which will look good and last on the table.  Once cut each pocket is hand moulded then dried over several days (names and/or logos can also be printed).

“No compromise is made when producing what I believe are the best pockets available”

George Butterworth

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