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Hardwood Triangle

Hardwood Triangles



Product Description

Hardwood Triangles
A selection of best quality Mahogany and Oak triangles made in the UK by Peradon.


2 1/4″ Mahogany 15 Ball Triangle – USA Standards Pool Balls
2 1/16″ Mahogany 15 Ball Triangle – Full Snooker Balls
2″ Mahogany 15 Ball Triangle – UK Pool or 2″ 15x Red Snooker Set
2″ Mahogany 10 Ball Triangle – 2″ 10x Red Snooker Set
2 1/16″ Oak 15 Ball Triangle¬†– Full Snooker Balls
2″ Oak 15 Ball Triangle¬†– UK Pool or 2″ 15x Red Snooker Set
2″ Oak 10 Ball Triangle¬†– 2″ 10x Red Snooker Set

Additional Information

Wood Type

Mahogany, Oak

Triangle Size

21/4″ USA Pool, 21/16″ Snooker 15x Ball, 2″ 15x Ball, 2″ 10x Ball


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