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Peradon 20" Midi Butt End Extension
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20″ Midi Butt End Extension


Product Description

Peradon 20″ Midi Butt End Extension
This screw on extension is designed to fit Peradon snooker cues from the current range which feature a ‘Butt End Joint’ (a female joint in the end of the butt). This timber extension is finished in a black ebonised effect and measures 20” in length. This extension is fitted by screwing the male joint on the extension directly into the female ‘Butt End Joint’ found on some Peradon cues. This extension features the ‘Quick Action’ joint so it can be secured to the end of the butt precisely and quickly.


20″ (50.8cm)

Extended Length

Does not extend


Male ‘Quick Action’ joint


Screws onto cue shaft (after removing butt section) or  ‘butt end joint’ of a Peradon cue from the current range.


Timber with black ebonised finish

Suited for cues:

Ebony or Ebonex Peradon Cues with ‘butt end joint’ and/or ‘¾ joint’ (with female joint in shaft)

All sizes are nominal.


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