Snooker Table Re-Rubbering

Carried out by many but mastered by a few!

Having well fitted cushion blocks and rubbers is critical to a top performing snooker table. We will only undertake this work in our workshops, as we have the correct tools, space and time to carry out the re-blocking and re-rubbering in the correct way. All our cushion rail re-blocking and re-rubbering carries a 10x year guarantee. We fit temporary loan cushion rails whilst yours are in our workshops keeping your tables in play at all times. The total process is normally completed within a two week time scale.

Step 1: Removing The Old Cushion Blocks And Rubbers

This photo shows the removal of the existing cushion rail blocks in preparation for the fitting of new ones. 

Many companies (especially when this work is undertaken on site) will fit new rubbers onto old existing blocks. In many cases these blocks will have been on for many years and will be coming away from the rails thus causing vibrations and reducing the rebound that can be achieved once re-fitted to the table.

The cushion block is the foundation for the rubbers and if the foundation is not solid the rubbers will never perform correctly
Removing the old blocks

Removing the old blocks


Step 2: Fitting New Cushion Blocks

The photo shows a new cushion rail block which has just been fitted.

For this to be fitted correctly the old existing blocks must be removed, the faces of the cushion rails must be cleaned and squared up so the new block can be fitted squarely. The new block is then glued and screwed into place and clamped up whilst the glue sets solid. The new block is the foundation for the rubber and if not fitted correctly the new rubber will never perform to its full potential. This is why we carry this out in our fully equiped workshops.

Fitting new cushion rail blocks

Fitting new cushion rail blocks

Step 3: Fitting New Rubbers:

The photo shows the new rubber after it has been bonded to the new cushion rail block.

We use and recommend Northern Rubber as used in all official snooker tournaments around the world.
Once bonded we then tape along the joins for added durability and support.
Excluding changes to pocket templates, this process of re-blocking and re-rubbering has pretty much remained unchanged for over 100x years.

The fitting of the Northern Rubber

The fitting of the Northern Rubber

Step 4: Cutting The Pocket Openings:

Once the rubbers have bonded, the pocket openings have to be cut accurately to modern templates. It is a myth that larger pockets will play better. A correctly cut pocket opening will play and accept balls played at pace better than a poorly cut larger pocket.

Cutting the pocket radius

Cutting the pocket radius

Step 5: Recovering And Re-Fitting:

Once completed the cushion rails are re-covered in a cloth of the customers choice before being returned to site and re-fitted to the table ready for many more years of service.

Cushion rails recovered and re-fitted to table

Cushion rails recovered and re-fitted to table

Re-Polishing Option:

Whilst we have your cushion rails in our workshops, it is the ideal time to strip, sand and re-polish the cushion cappings making them look as well as they will play. This service is offered as an option and includes the sanding of the cushion caps allowing us to remove many of the surface scratches aquired over the years, the re-staining of the wood to as near a match as is achievable and the re-polishing of the cushion caps to a high standard. This service will add approx 1x week to the overall turn around time of our standard re-blocking and re-rubbering service.


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